Dr. Dukova

2008 – Graduated with honors from the Medical University of Plovdiv, Faculty of “Dentistry” then began working in the Dukovi Clinic Education and training in the field of orthodontics, periodontology and implantology

2008 – “Extraction in orthodontic” with lecturer Prof. Dr. V. Alekzander, USA

2008 –  “Mini implants in orthodontics” lecturer Dr. Z. Velo, Italy

2009 – Completed a course and acquire licenses to work with X-ray

2009 -“Planning and placement of implants in complex cases” lecturer Dr. A. Troedan, Austria

2009 – “X-ray diagnostics of ZCHD” lecturer Prof. Dr. V. Mutafchiev

2009 – “Invisaline contemporary orthodontics” – Dr. M. Levy, USA

2009 – “Periodontal surgery” Dr. Saadun, France

2009 – and 2010. “Periodontal surgery” Level 1 Level 2 – Dr. A. Danan, France

2010 –  System implants “Straumann” – Dr. B. Schmidt, Switzerland

2011 – 2013 – Postgraduate in orthodontics under the mentorship of Professor. Dr. Yoav Mazor and Professor. Joshua Moshonov

2013 – Basic course in lingual braces

2018 – Clinical applications of labial and lingual selfligating brackets