Modern 3D CAD CAM equipment

The equipment allows in-office production of porcelain fillings, ceramic crowns and veneers, right after intraoral scanning of the mouth. The convenience lies in the fact that the treatment time is significantly shortened as well as the possibility of multiple corrections of both shape and color.

Digital X-ray Vatech Green Smart Plus

Imaging device that performs Panoramic, Cefalometric and CBCT-3D images and scans of plaster models. With its help the diagnosis of diseases in the maxillofacial area is significantly improved. The effectiveness of the root canal treatments is monitored, and in the field of implantology it is an indispensable assistant in determining the best location for implant placement.

Digital radiography has many advantages over traditional radiography for both the patient and the dentist. The quality of the obtained image is better than that provided by the standard X-ray film. The image is projected directly on the computer monitor. This allows it to be processed, which improves diagnostic capabilities. Unlike conventional radiography, with the Vatech Green Smart Plus system, the patient’s exposure is reduced by 75%.

The device is the only one approved by the US FDA for X-rays of pregnant women.

The clinic also has a segmental X-ray machine.

Dental laser – LiteTouch ™

Modern dentistry aims to create maximum comfort for the patient. Treatment should be rapid, painless, minimally invasive. Laser treatment gives a chance to achieve all this. Dental lasers are devices that use light to perform many dental procedures. Increase patient comfort by reducing the need for anesthesia for hard dental tissues, reduce swelling and postoperative sensitivity of soft tissues. Laser therapy has significant advantages over turbine and handpiece operation. Patient comfort is due not only to reduced pain, but also to a number of other benefits. There are no disturbing scraping sounds, no contact between the nozzle and the treated surface. The laser beam operates at a distance of about 1-3 mm and is not in contact with teeth, bone or gums. When manipulating soft tissues, the healing process is faster and the procedures themselves are accompanied by less pain and reduced swelling after the intervention.

No vibrations. When working with a laser, maximum sterility of the work surface is achieved, which cannot be achieved by any other means. This prevents infections and thus postoperative wounds heal quickly.

PRF DUO centrifuge

One of the best therapies in surgery, implantology and periodontology is already in Dukovi Clinic.

Platelet concentrate has been established for decades as one of the best means to accelerate and facilitate the recovery process after surgery.

Growth factors from the patient’s own blood support tissue regeneration.

SENDOLINE apex locator

Accurate measurement of the root canal length is ensured by digital signal analysis. This helps the dentist decide where to clean and fill the canal to achieve optimal treatment results. This method is precise, fast and painless for the patient, but of great diagnostic value for the dentist.


An apparatus that turns an extrated tooth of the patient into a material that replaces a missing bone, which after a few months becomes a complete one.

This minimizes the risk of introducing foreign antigenic material, which can lead to rejection.


Sendoline offers a flawless rotating system that allows any dentist to perform endodontic (root) treatment with rotating files – quickly and efficiently.

CJ-Optik Dental Microscope

Working under a microscope provides greater accuracy of details. The five-degree increase of CJ – Optik allows perfect work on root canal treatments, aesthetic restorations and more.


Ozone generating device.

Ozone has been shown to help treat superficial caries, stimulate wound healing and epithelialization, and aid in clinical prevention. Due to the spontaneous and catalytic disintegration of the molecule, it is suitable for use in the oral cavity during surgery; thanks to its positive biophysical properties, it stimulates the healing and epithelialization of wounds and strengthens the natural anti-radical principle of cells (thanks to the induction of enzymes).

Piezo scaler Tigon +

The latest technology in piezo scalers

It is used in the field of prevention, periodontology, endodontics and rehabilitation.

The Tigon + piezo scaler provides a pleasantly warm liquid and prevents irritation even in patients with sensitive teeth. The five preset programs save time, and the three operating modes provide gentle but powerful cleaning.

Comfort thanks to the controlled temperature of the fluid, thus preventing irritation even in patients with sensitive teeth and gums.

Comfort + intraoral scanner

Digital impressions replace standard impression materials, which can sometimes be unpleasant for the patient. This provides comfort to the patient and at the same time gives reliable results. With Comfort +, dentists can easily get a digital impression.

Digital prints are used in implantology to make surgical guides, single crowns and other aesthetic restorations.

No spray dust is used for scanning.

Implantmed and Piezomed

The latest technology in piezo scalers

Piezomed facilitates the work of the surgeon: thanks to the innovative ultrasound technology removes only bone substance with extreme precision. The surrounding soft tissues remain intact. The relief for the patient is also remarkable: faster work, less pain!

W&H’s new Implantmed provides greater safety during treatment.

The micromotor is ideal for this purpose with its automatic threading function, automatic torque control and W&H Osstell ISQ module for measuring implant stability.

Diode laser

Excellent precision in surgical incision, sterilization of the operative field and excellent ability to stop bleeding (hemostasis), made the diode laser the best tool for several areas of application. It has biostimulating effect, analgesic effect. It is used for precise and almost bloodless surgical interventions in the mouth. Its effect is to remove inflamed soft tissues.

T-Scan Novus

A new generation of techniques for diagnosing the correct load on the teeth.
The device simultaneously shows the real forces with their values of the points of contact of each tooth and its opposite, as well as the first contact of all teeth.

With T-Scan, the right way of treatment is achieved, which the known and used indigo does not allow with 100% precision.

With the use of the appliance, proper chewing and digestion of food is achieved.

Its use prevents: breakage of natural teeth; breaking of ceramic bridges, crowns; of joint pain; treatment of night compression (bruxism); proper loading of dental implants.

Dentotest • Six

At the clinic, tests for for focal diagnostics, corrosion potential, vitality, are done with new equipment. With the help of these tests it is possible to determine whether there is a pathological focal focus in the oral cavity as well as whether there is no danger of bimetallism due to the presence of structures made of different metals. The tests are performed after instructions are given as to which medications should not be taken before the respective examination and which procedures should be performed at home.

Disinfection and sterilization

The air in the rooms is filtered and sterilized with special equipment continuously. They appliances are certified and meet Covid requirements.
Surfaces and floors are treated with UV rays and disinfected at the beginning and end of the working day.

The instruments, after thorough chemical treatment, are placed in a special dishwasher, which washes and disinfects with hot water and a special detergent. They are then dried, packaged and placed in B + autoclaves for actual sterilization.

The barcode printer prepares individual labels, which are glued to the envelopes and stored for use.

When starting the examination, the instruments are unpacked in front of the patient, and the barcodes are scanned with a barcode reader and go to their electronic file. There is stored complete information about the whole cycle and stages of sterilization of absolutely each individual instrument, as well as the date, time and person of the staff who performed the whole process (autoclaving), ie responsible for it. Nozzles, turbines and other elements of the machine used in the treatment of the patient are placed in a special device (Assistina) for mechanical cleaning, lubrication and disinfection. Then they are placed in the Quick Autoclave for final sterilization, ie all machine elements and tools go to 3 levels of chemical treatment, disinfection and sterilization. The whole process is computer controlled.