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Implantology is a dental branch focused on dental implants and it’s purpose is to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are composed of biocompatible materials such as titanium, titanium alloy or zirconium. They maintain the bone volume, stabilize bone levels of the jaws and bring to a minimum the risk of loss of bone tissue.

Dental implants are placed only by specialists with the neccesary credentials, qualified to perform the entire spectrum of oral surgical operations.

What does a dental implant procedure include:

A consultation with a specialist, who will determine if placement of a dental  is the suitable solution for you. It may also include additional tests, dental impressions of the jaws, x-ray images, CT scan…

Your dentist will recommend an oral surgeon who will determine the type of implants most suitable for your condition.

Dukovi Dental Clinic has 15 year long experience in dental implant placing, we use 4 different dental implant systems from leading dental implant manufacturers such as Straumann, Camlog, Osste, FMD.

We are also equipped with Soredex – CRANEX® 3D – 3D Dental Imaging System with panoramic, optional cephalometric and Cone Beam 3D imaging programs.

Dr. Dukov has specilized in leading dental clinics in Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and Taiwan. He is a certified lecturer from FDM.

Dukovi Dental Clinic is one of few in Bulgaria which uses Camlog dental implants, since the company distributes only to certain specialists.

On their first visit, the patient recieves a personal treatment and financial plan that meets their needs and possibilites.

Dental implant placement is not panacea, but it helps to improve the quality of life and restore selfconfidence.