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Laser treatment

Diode lasers are widely used in surgical dentistry. They are applied in vestibuloplasty, benign tumor removal, gingival retraction for impression taking, tooth crown elongation and periodenontal pocket debridement.

Laser pocket debridement is essential for reducing the microflora, which means that the laser has bactericidal effect. It also stimulates bone regeneration.

Diode lasers have a few advantages compared to traditional surgical methods in soft tissue management:

  • Antibacterial effect. About 98% of the bacterial flora is destroyed and the chances for infection and complications are reduced to a minimum.
  • In most cases, local anaesthesia  is not needed which is a facilitation when working with children and fearful patients.
  • Haemostatic effect when operating on soft tissue which gives psychological comfort to the patient and eases the dentist’s work.