Laser treatment

Diode lasers are widely used in dental surgery for soft tissue treatments. They are used for vestibuloplasty, removal of benign tumors, withdrawal of the gums when taking an impression, for lengthening the clinical crown and for the treatment of periodontal pockets.

Laser treatment of the pocket, reduces of the microorganisms present. The diode laser not only has a bactericidal effect, but also stimulates the regeneration bone lost due to periodontal disease.

Diode lasers have a number of advantages over traditional surgical methods in the treatment of soft tissues:

  • have an antibacterial effect. About 98% of the bacterial flora is destroyed. This reduces the possibility of infection and the development of complications
  • in most cases, laser treatment does not require local anesthesia. This has an advantage when working with children and patients who are afraid of dental procedures
  • when working on soft tissues with a diode laser, hemostasis occurs due to laser radiation. The operations are performed practically on a bloodless field, thus achieving mental comfort for the patient and facilitating the work of the dentist.