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Orthodontics is a specialty that deals with diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of dentofacial deviations and malpositioned teeth.

Improperly positioned teeth and occlusal problems lead to worsened hygiene, gum inflamation and cavities.

Orthodontics gives you a chance to have properly positioned teeth and a charming smile for a long time.

The first consultation visit is a clinical check-up where the specialist finds or dismisses a problem and the necessary x-ray and photographic images are taken.

We also use:

  • removable orthodontic appliances
  • braces: metal, ceramic and sapphire
  • invisible retainers МТМ;

The second appointment is for impression taking, photographic images and cephalometryc x-ray image. All data is later analyzed and the diagnosis is determined. The doctor prepares the treatment plan and if needed, a CBCT – 3D reconstruction is also done.

The third appointment is when the doctor informs you about the treatment possibilities and the payment methods.

All difficult cases are discussed with Dr. Yoav Mazor (Israel) who also helps with the treatment plan.

Before and after -in 1 year and 2 months

Before and after – in 6 months

Before and after – in 1 year and 4 months

Removable appliances

The best age for such appliances is 4-12 years old. This period is most suitable because of the peaks of growth.

Excellent cooperation between the patient, the parents and the orthodontist is of utmost importance because the appliance needs to be worn continuously for a long time. They do not affect speech and the aesthetics of the smile.

Regular monthly check-up are mandatory.

The advantage of removable othodontic appliances is their successful orthopedic effect on the maxillofacial region in such an early age

Disadvantages include their mobility which makes the easier to lose and brake. Mastication and speech are slightly difficult and if oral hygiene is not at a very high level the teeth and periodontal tissue will be affected.

Prophylactic removable appliances are used to remove bad habits such as mouth breathing, lip, tongue, thumb sucking and also to preserve space if a deciduous tooth is missing or extracted prematurely.

All these factors are important for the proper natural alignment of the teeth and their function which itself affects neighbouring structures and systems.

Therapeutic removable appliances affect the teeth and the surrounding nard and soft tissue and therefore guide the growth of the maxillofacial region.

After a thorough analysis the suitable appliance is chosen and later manufactured in a dental laboratory. The patient can choose the color and the decorations.

Dr.Veselina Dukova