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Periodontitis -diagnosis and treatment

Periodontitis is inflamation of the gums  and supporting tooth structure. It is one of the most common oral diseases.

Dental plaque and calculus (tartar) cause gum inflamation that can spread to the surrounding tooth structures, the alveolar bone included. If initial symptoms remain unnoticed and untreated, the disease goes to the next phase, the supporting structures are destroyed and the  process is irreversible. Untreated periodontits leads to bone loss, loose teeth and tooth extraction.

The inflamation affects the entire  body and can worsen a number of ilnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems etc. That is why early diagnosis and treatment is of utmost importance.

In order to diagnose and properly treat periodontitis, a series of examinations is required, part of them are clinical and are done by the dentist (pocket debth probing, presence of gum bleeding, presence of plaque etc.). Other examinations include x-ray images, laboratory tests that will show microbiological analysis of the pockets. On the basis of that analysis, the doctor can determine the right treatment.

Treatment of periodontitis includes a few steps. Step one is professional dental cleaning. Step two is dental deep cleaning and root planing and antibiotic treatment. Step three is control check-ups and a second lab test.