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A patented device for light therapy that is harmless and effective in conservative treating of acute and chronic conditions and postoperative wounds.

BIOPTRON light therapy stimulates the natural regenerative mechanisms of the body, it can be and added treatment method or an individual one for certain symptoms.

BIOPTRON can help with:

  • healing of wounds and presure ulcers
  • pain reducing
  • superficial bacterial infections
  • pain in the TMJ

Ozone generating apparatus.

300-500 different bacteria with different ozone sensitivity  live in the oral cavity

Depending on the chosen intensity the device generates several quantities of ozone.

It can be used during the treatment of:

  • gingivitis
  • periodontitis
  • gangrenous pressure ulcers
  • aphtae
  • herpes
  • infected wounds etc.

We combine our modern equipment with conventional medical methods for the best possible results for our patients.