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Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a painless, noninvasive procedure with a highly aesthetic result. It makes teeth whiter and brighter.

It can be done through the following procedures: 

  • At home whitening with an idividual mouthpiece which are made in a laboratory
  • Professional in office whitening during which a special gel is applied on the teeth. This method has several advantages: 
    1. The effect can be controled. If necessary, more discolored teeth can be treated a second or third time. 
    2. Saving time – usually one visit is enough to get to the desired result.
    3. Protection og the gums during the procedure is guaranteed.
  • Whitening of nonvital teeth is performed in several visits until the desired result is achieved. 

After more than a 20 year old monitoring on the effect of teeth whitening on tooth tissue, it is concluded that it does not cause destruction of tissue.

The achieved effect depends mostly on consumation of food and drinks that cause coloration of the teeth. Smoking and hygiene habits are also a strong factor.

It is a fact however, that the original color can never be restored.